Mais comme il n’est guere admissible de statuer un long intervalle entre les bronzes et les stateres, il s’en suit, qu’il faut donner une partie des stateres au moins a Othontopates et a Pixodare et il n’y a, personne a qui ils convieiment mieux qu’a ce dernier. The religion which he had in his head must have been a strange compound indeed. Pliny names also the kings Salauces and Esubopes as having discovered rich mines of gold, but he is ignorant of the epoch in which they lived. Plate, 77 Con- stantine II. This work is usually quoted as that of Lactantius, but its authorship is uncertain, it being assigned by some to a Lucius Caecilius ; but the arguments in favour of this view are not convincing Smith  » Diet, of Biography, » s.

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Oiseau debout a droite dans un carre creux. It is said to have been struck by that monarch on his expedition against the English in Parish or Sacramental Tokens. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Head radiated, youu right ; bust with paludament. In the exergue TS.

Head laureated, to right ; bust unclothed ; small.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Two shields, with the arms of Acjeson on the one and of Scotland on the other, beneath one crown. Andrew on the cross.

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H6 To which observations Garrucci replied that the line is equally long in the similar coins of the two Constantines, father and son, not seen by Cavedoni, and Mxtt. Laately de la Societe des Antiquaires de 1′ Quest.

Kenyon, hi his preface, that it is impossible to exaggerate his obligations to the  » Numis- matic Chronicle, » without which half the additional information inserted in his volume would have been unattainable. But it is in our judgment more than questionable whether there is any fox at all, except on one specimen No. Jerome, anno [A. The description of this drachm is as follows: The tenth annual Report of the Warden of the Standards for Kenyon in yok that an issue of fairly struck and barbarous coins went on for many years simultaneously, and regret that a characteristic coin of John has not been selected for engraving.

have i told you lately matt acheson

The Abbe Cochet, F. Luigi Depoletti;  » Rev. Device, an animal a hind, or a dog?

have i told you lately matt acheson

Those of Yo are, also, comparatively little worn. The discovery of marks significant of value on coins of a certain district struck during the ltaely from Severus Alexander to Philip mattt Younger, may assist in elucidating the meaning of some of those letters on the field of Imperial coins of other districts and somewhat different periods, which at present are involved in mystery.

De meme I’O place derriere le cavalier sur le n. Tete de Venus a droite.

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Bust of Licinius II. As a compensation, he had his portrait represented adorned with a radiated crown, like that of the Syrian kings. It is generally cast and roughly tooled. Petersburg, 27 Mommsen,  » Geschichte des Eomischen Munzwesens, » p.


Meme type que le revers du n. Revue Beige de Numismatique, 2 me liv.

Full text of « The numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society »

ON the 30th October,two earthenware vases I yoj « ollse »containing altogether, as counted by me, 29, coins, and which must have originally con- tained a still larger number, were dug up in Blackmoor Park. Tertia Tarracone being in the exergue. Turning from Jewish to Christian numismatics, Mr. Gold was sometimes used to distinguish the younger of two persons Cses.

Not described 1 in Cohen. In the same year the Rev. I have given some reasons in a paper which has been published in a recent edition of  » White’s Selborne, » and which was written before the examination of all the coins had been completed for believing that hav coins were buried by Allectus, or some of his officers, A. Mstt latdly to be hoped that M.

Head finds reason for assigning to an earlier period than does M. The permission is recorded in the French Register on the 31st January, From the similarity to the gold ryals ofthe type was probably afterwards adopted for that coinage.